Changing eye colour with laser surgery

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We have invented a new surgical method to change eye colour: aesthetic annular keratopigmentation. The “world’s first of its kind” was performed in Strasbourg on 5 December 2013 on a patient who wished to change the colour of her brown eyes.
The result was good and her eyes are now green.

This technique was already published in a major international review Eurotimes:

Aurélie, Paris, before the operation zoom
Aurélie, Paris, before the operation
Aurélie, Paris, Pistachiozoom
Aurélie, Paris, Pistachio
 Maria Isabel, Austria, beforezoom
Maria Isabel, Austria, before
Maria Isabel, Austria, Watergreenzoom
Maria Isabel, Austria, Watergreen
Maria Isabel, Austria, Watergreenzoom
Maria Isabel, Austria, Watergreen
Medine, Stuttgart, before the operation zoom
Medine, Stuttgart, before the operation
Medine, Stuttgart, Pistachiozoom
Medine, Stuttgart, Pistachio
Olga, Switzerland, before the operation zoom
Olga, Switzerland, before the operation
Olga, Switzerland, Watergreenzoom
Olga, Switzerland, Watergreen
Sameh, Berne, Switzerland, before zoom
Sameh, Berne, Switzerland, before
Sameh, Berne, Switzerland, Watergreenzoom
Sameh, Berne, Switzerland, Watergreen
Simona, Geneva, before the operation zoom
Simona, Geneva, before the operation
Simona, Geneva, Watergreenzoom
Simona, Geneva, Watergreen

This technique consists in a circular tattooing of the cornea. There is no penetration of dye, implant or laser into the eye. We used a femtosecond laser, but only at the level of the cornea without depigmenting the iris. Corneal tattooing is a very ancient technique, already used by the Romans and the Egyptians to conceal unsightly ocular scars. Our idea was to use this ancient technique with modern pigments that are better tolerated and the femtosecond laser to create a circular tunnel in the cornea into which the pigment is injected.

We do not claim to imitate the natural eye colour with our method. In fact, only the periphery of the iris appears coloured, and when performed on dark coloured eyes, this may give the impression that the pupil is very dilated.

This is referred to as the “belladonna” effect, which means “beautiful woman” in Italian. Elegant Italian ladies during the Renaissance period would use drops prepared from the "belladonna" plant to dilate their pupils for a more attractive look.

What colours are available?

Colour chart


Changing eye colour zoom

An alternative to aesthetic annular keratopigmentation is the following:

  • coloured contact lenses

The complications of aesthetic annular keratopigmentation:

  • As with any surgery, there could be complications one day. For the moment they are unknown. 


Last update: 17.07.2017

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